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As Louisiana’s two U.S. senators begin a new year on the Hill, both appear locked into debates over energy taxes that could prove explosive on policy and political fronts.

Carousel_big-dealsABiz presents its annual feature on the top business stories of the year.

scott-angelleBreaux Bridge native Scott Angelle is positioned to influence the utilities landscape — and possibly the state’s political terrain as well.

conspiracy-carouselFour of the nine men indicted in the Curious Goods case have accepted plea bargains, but high-profile criminal defense attorney Daniel J. Stanford says it’ll be a cold day in hell before he pleads guilty.

Daniel Stanford is a criminal defense lawyer, but in the eyes of the federal government, he’s no different than some of the clients he represents. In other words, the feds believe he, too, is a criminal.

By Patrick Flanagan

INDEPENDENT0017Higher costs and depressed natural gas prices have companies exiting the Haynesville shale in search of rock formations holding black gold.

Rigs are dropping like flies at the Haynesville shale, down 80 percent from a year-and-a-half ago, but Louisiana oil and gas insiders say the drilling exodus from the North Louisiana site is only a minor concern.

By Patrick Flanagan

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