Oil and Gas

A judge is getting ready to set a new trial date for a former BP executive charged with obstructing a congressional investigation into the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Lawmakers have added $15 million to the attorney general's budget to pay for Louisiana's ongoing legal case against BP for damages caused by the 2010 Gulf oil spill.

High-dollar legal teams are preparing to spar in federal court over the regional levee authority’s historic lawsuit against oil and gas companies, but a panel of volunteers could preempt those efforts when they meet in August.

When Gov. Bobby Jindal signed a controversial bill retroactively banning the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East from filing lawsuits without his permission, many people thought that would put an end to the suit against 97 oil and gas companies.

“There is something about being out on the swamp when you are alone that sucks the poisons of civilization out of you. It’s a sort of healing power that lets you be yourself again. That’s the kind of thing that would be ruined by a facility like this.”

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