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University becomes first-ever to twice win top honor in contest sponsored by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Despite leading the charge going into this year’s legislative session to kill the New Orleans levee board lawsuit against 97 oil and gas companies, Gov. Bobby Jindal, with the only bill to make it through both the House and Senate now sitting on his desk awaiting his signature, has postponed a final decision.

With the legacy lawsuit bill now signed into law, and the bill to kill the Orleans-area flood protection authority's suit against 97 energy companies pending a signature, the oil and gas industry achieved its goals for the session. 

The oil and gas industry won a significant victory Friday in the Louisiana Legislature, receiving final passage of a bill that seeks to kill a lawsuit filed by a New Orleans area levee board against nearly 100 oil and gas companies.

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Only one bill against the levee board lawsuit remains, and it’s expected for a final vote Thursday in the House, where a surprising number of lawmakers remain undecided.

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