Brett Gauthier
Age: 33
Owner: 3rd Dimension Media

Since starting 3rd Dimension Media in 2012, Brett Gauthier has worked with a range of businesses in the oil and gas industry, including Knight Oil Tools and Frank’s International, to name a few. His videos range from two to 11 minutes in length and ultimately give companies an opportunity to show their equipment in action. Since that equipment typically only operates in depths of thousands of feet below the water, Gauthier’s company, in a sense, is part of a revolutionizing of the industry’s approach to sales and training.

Helicopter-LandingHow did you get into the field of animation, and what sparked your idea to start a company geared toward the oil and gas industry?
I got my degree in 3D animation from UL Lafayette and have always been inspired by new ideas. It impresses me to see how many dedicated engineers there are around Louisiana that push the limit on making things better and safer. Technology is my passion, and I believe being educated on new ideas makes us better people, and function as a better society.

Would you consider this an untapped market, or are there similar companies out there specializing in animation for the industry?
This is not an untapped market; there are several companies that provide this service worldwide, but at a greater price. I challenge the competition, and guarantee the same result at a smaller price.

What types of animations have you done, and what animation projects are you working on?
I have worked with many engineers for over six years now and have taught AutoCAD and 3D CAD products for four years. I have produced animations ranging anywhere from magnetically driven devices to wide range down-hole tools, training videos and new ideas to create energy. I have helped many companies showcase their ideas and services at big trade shows.

Brett Gauthier  

Tell us about your typical work load, and the average time-frame for a project from start to finish?
Communication is the most important key in creating these technical animations, so the client’s feedback and deadlines drive the amount of time it takes to make it happen. I have worked on four simultaneous animations and do not hesitate in giving dedicated folks an opportunity to help me produce the work.

As a one-man team, do you have plans to expand your business in the near future, and if so, how?
Absolutely, I understand a one-man show comes a dime a dozen, but I do not want to bite off more than I can chew. With just a few more opportunities I’ll be able to hire and expand. I would also like to work with Louisiana Economic Development to help make this company a thriving business in our state; I’d love to hear from them. My frustration is that we have so much artistic and technical talent coming out of our universities, most of them move out of state for other opportunities. If 3rd Dimension Media becomes a growing success, it will be able to employ artists, programmers and engineers in our state.

We understand you have a smart-phone app, “Everything Energy,” in the works — tell us about that and how it ties back into 3rd Dimension.
By the end of 2014, mobile Internet usage is predicted to take over desktop Internet usage. In the past year alone, smartphone usage in the U.S. increased by 50 percent. I’m a believer in low-cost target marketing; 3D animations are just one way to market an idea, but the mobile app will provide the oil and gas industry an avenue to promote their services in the mobile world. Everything Energy will allow oil and gas companies to search through a directory, post events, post photos of their tool services and much more. This is just the first phase of the app being released soon, and it will expand very soon after its initial release.

Since starting in 2012, how have you seen your business evolve?
The biggest thing I’ve learned is to go the extra mile. When a client asks for something, always try to give them more.

How do you envision 3rd Dimension five years from now?
In five years, I’d like for this company to be a marketing think tank. To provide new entrepreneurs the ability to take their ideas and produce a video and/or animation, and market it through mobile devices to their target audience — all in a cost-effective way, and possibly be able to make interactive solutions. In less than five years, I believe all of this can happen with good partners; I’m just a phone call away to begin a good strategy.

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