Oil and Gas

It’ll be another week before Rep. Joel Robideaux’s House Bill 862 — an attempt at making it more cumbersome for parish governments to sue oil and gas companies — undergoes its first round of debate.

Because ... greedy trial lawyers?

Landrieu is chair of the U.S. Senate committee that deals with energy policy. The lawsuit puts her between two areas in which she's been a strong advocate: rebuilding Louisiana's coast and supporting the oil and gas industry.

Tyrone Ben, a human resources manager for a mental health and counseling service in Chalmette, became the second of two nominees that could fill the seat now held by Tim Doody on the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East.

BRIGGS say anything carouselBig Oil's elder statesman of spin has become a favorite punching bag of groups that support litigation against oil and gas companies.

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