Oil and Gas

Bankrupt company's official committee of unsecured creditors is asking a judge to postpone the hearing on a restructuring support agreement it had no involvement in and is seeking authority to commence litigation.

The flood board's lawsuit against 97 oil and gas companies was filed last summer. It says the companies' coastal drilling activities contributed to the erosion of wetlands, diminishing a natural hurricane protection buffer for New Orleans.

Freeh’s report also accused two private attorneys, Glen Lerner and Jon Andry (who has a Lafayette office in River Ranch), of using the position of a then-lawyer on claims administrator Patrick Juneau's staff to benefit their clients’ claims.

mike-morenoA plan — filed under seal — to reward employees for staying on board, rather than for performance, does not sit well with U.S. trustee.

The U.S.’s average daily oil production is on track to experience its biggest one-year jump in the nation’s history.

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