Oil and Gas

Governor tells a gathering of Canadian oilmen “blind leftwing idealogues” are holding up the oil pipeline.

A New Orleans-area flood control board refused to back down Thursday from its lawsuit seeking damages from nearly 100 oil and gas companies over coastal erosion allegedly caused by dredging and digging for canals and pipelines. But the board offered an olive branch to the suit's opponents, including Gov. Bobby Jindal and his coastal protection chief.

In most cases, industry operations were conducted under permits requiring companies to limit damage and restore the area when operations end. We ask them to abide by these contractual requirements, which they voluntarily agreed to.

Respected local oil and gas industry veteran Al Thomas II will preside over LAGCOE 2013 as LAGCOE Looey, a position of high honor announced, as is tradition, at the event’s media luncheon Tuesday.

A Louisiana flood control official is likening the oil and gas industry in coastal Louisiana to rock stars who bring a lot of money to the area but, in his words, “trashed the hotel room.”

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