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The NYSE-traded independent oil and gas producer's stock price, which has been steadily climbing, is up $1.06 Wednesday, to $44.29.

The state Senate is expected to vote Wednesday on Sen. Robert Adley’s S.B. 469, which would retroactively prevent levee boards from filing suit against the oil and gas industry.

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Included in paid claims is a wireless phone company store that burned to the ground before the spill, an RV park foreclosed upon before the offshore disaster and a Pontiac dealer who could no longer sell Pontiacs because GM stopped making them.

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Cajun Renaissance man Zachary Richard says the courts — not legislators — should decide whether oil companies pay for the damage they caused to our coast.

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Sen. Mary Landrieu said Tuesday that instability in Ukraine makes the case for building the Keystone XL oil pipeline in the United States.

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