Oil and Gas

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Sen. Mary Landrieu said Tuesday that instability in Ukraine makes the case for building the Keystone XL oil pipeline in the United States.

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Vast majority surveyed say lifting restrictions on exports would help the economy even if it meant higher fuel prices for consumers.

In a struggle steeped in election-year politics, supporters of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline are seeking a swift Senate vote on legislation to approve construction of the project that environmentalists oppose strongly and the Obama administration has delayed indefinitely.

An Oklahoma company plans to expand a pipeline to supply natural gas to Cheniere Energy Partners’ Sabine Pass liquefied natural gas plant in Cameron Parish.


A federal court magistrate has issued a seven-page schedule of hearings, conferences and deadlines leading up to January’s trial aimed at determining how much money BP will owe in Clean Water Act fines as a result of its 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

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