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At his State of the Parish address Feb. 6 at the Cajundome Convention Center, City-Parish President Joey Durel announced the formation of the nonprofit Lafayette Central Park Inc., the entity that will help drive the process for turning the 100-acre Johnston Street Horse Farm property into a passive public park.

Fred Reggie, president of Fred Reggie Associates and The Trial Coach, has been invited by Loyola University New Orleans College of Law to address third year law students on Feb. 28. Reggie’s talk will focus on the application of storyboarding techniques to bolster and enhance opening statements at trial.

The right-leaning Tax Foundation’s annual breakdown of state and local sales tax rates finds Louisiana third in the nation for the highest combined sales taxes. Currently, Pelican State consumers pay an average 8.87 percent, ranking behind Tennessee (9.44 percent) and Arizona (9.16 percent) and ahead of Washington (8.86 percent) and Oklahoma (8.67 percent) in the top five.

On Dec. 7 the U.S. Attorney’s Office was forced to notify local media that the Clerk of Court for the Western District of Louisiana had inadvertently released a sealed affidavit (apparently to The Daily Advertiser) in the case of United States v. Panos.

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