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The right-leaning Tax Foundation’s annual breakdown of state and local sales tax rates finds Louisiana third in the nation for the highest combined sales taxes. Currently, Pelican State consumers pay an average 8.87 percent, ranking behind Tennessee (9.44 percent) and Arizona (9.16 percent) and ahead of Washington (8.86 percent) and Oklahoma (8.67 percent) in the top five.

On Dec. 7 the U.S. Attorney’s Office was forced to notify local media that the Clerk of Court for the Western District of Louisiana had inadvertently released a sealed affidavit (apparently to The Daily Advertiser) in the case of United States v. Panos.

Carousel_DwyersNew generation keeps the downtown lunch spot's gravy flowing.

Carousel_OpeGenIt’s strike two for residential and commercial utility customers in Opelousas who sued Cleco over a post-Katrina rate hike.

A state appeals court puts the kibosh on an oil service company’s attempt to prove collusion in an embezzlement case.

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